Procedures for the Spiritual Surgery

Spiritual treatment doesn’t excuse the material medical treatment.

From two days before up to three days after the spiritual surgery:

– Avoid ingesting red meat;
– Avoid ingesting alcoholic drinks;
– Avoid smoking;
– Avoid exercising;
– Avoid having sex.

At the surgery day (Friday)

After 5 p.m.
– Do not ingest solid food;
– Take a bath before the surgery (asepsis);
– Wear clear clothes and clear sheets;
– The room should be clean and organized;
– Close the door, hang off the telephone and turn off the lights.

Place 0,4 gallon (1.5 liter) unopened bottles of water (without gas)
– Adults and children over 10 years old: 4 bottles
– Children up to 10 years old: 2 bottles

From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. – LOCAL PATIENT TIME:
– You will have to be lying in your room, alone.
– Nobody should enter in room in this period.
– Don’t get up before 10 p.m.!

When you wake up:
Get up without hurry. Cover the water bottles and take as instructed below. A light meal can be taken.

– Adult and children over 10 years: Take half a cup of water from one of those bottles and, from the following day take half a cup of water twice a day, until finishing all the bottles.
– Children up to 10 years: Take half a cup of water from one of those bottles and, from the following day take half a cup of that water one time a day until finishing all the bottles.

From 30 days after the surgery:

If it’s necessary and you wish to, you can repeat all the process.

The cure will be given for the faith and the merit of each one.
May God be with you!

Beyond the procedures above, follow the specific procedures for the following cases only:

Procedures for patients AFTER the EYESIGHT SURGERY

In the case of vision problems, 3 surgeries are necessary, one every 30 days.

– Avoid clarity, even inside your home.
– Wear sunglasses for 3 days.
– Do not watch TV, do not read, do not sew, and do not force the eyes for 3 days.
– Do compresses using that water from one of the 4 bottles by putting the damp cotton wool on your eyelid and exchange it when the compress began to warm up, repeating this procedure three times.
– Make three compress’ sessions a day, during 10 days.

Instructions to the OBESITY surgery

Diet – Menu’s Suggestions:
Please, follow during 30 days.
Eat more often in smaller quantities per meal (eat every 3 hours).

– Breakfast from 6:00 to 8:00 am: Milk with little coffee, white cheese, roasted, jelly, honey, fibers, fruits (not citrus).
– Snack 10:00 a.m.: Eat a fruit, preferably, pear.
– Lunch and dinner: Cooked vegetables, rice, lentils. Do not mix grain or pasta with meat. Only in the soup, they may be mixed.
– Snack 15:00 o’clock: Take a fruit juice, but not citric fruits.
– Before going to bed: Take a cup of tea, and toasts with white cheese.

General Remarks: Meats must be grilled. Do not consume citric fruits. No smoking.
Do not eat: fried stuff, fats, artificial snacks, peanuts, chocolate, sweets and citric fruits.
Do not drink: Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. If you want to drink a soda, hit it with a spoon to get the sparking out of it.

Meats: only with vegetables.
Grains: only with vegetables, mashed potatoes, poached egg.
Pasta: only with vegetables and white sauce.
The patient must walk during 1 hour every day, beginning on the third day after the surgery.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are harmful to health.

Surgery Instructions to help getting PREGNANT

To get pregnant, are recommended three spiritual surgeries at least, one every 30 days, and is also recommended the partner do as well.
Please, you must request the other surgerys sending your data again each month after 30 days. The next surgerys won’t be scheduled automatically.

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